Friday, October 31, 2008

Wedding Recap! (finally)

My little sister got married almost a month ago, and I'm just getting around to doing an update and posting some pictures...

October 4, 2008 - Wedding Day. All of the months of planning and stress finally came down to one day. Everything went smoothly and it was beautiful. Stephanie made a gorgeous bride. She remained calm throughout most of the day, while it was me and my little cousin that had the break downs.

I have no idea what Megan broke down about, possibly just the stress... Mine was all about the fact that I was going to look like a fat cow in my dress and have to stand beside 5 other skinny girls... I still feel like I stuck out, but oh well. Everyone said that we all looked good.

During the wedding, everything went well. The only small thing that happened is that the ring bearer decided to run back down the aisle to find where his grandma was sitting. It was cute, and the photographer was standing in the perfect place to capture it as it happened.

They have already gotten the online proofs back for the pictures, but they haven't ordered any, and all of the online pictures have watermarks, so I will just post non-pro pics that we got throughout the day.

Getting my hair done. Stephanie is a hair dresser, so the girls at her salon did all of our hair.

The cake and set up. My dad actually designed the cake and told my aunt what to make. He even picked out the flowers on it himself.

I have no idea when this picture was taken... nor do I have any idea what I was doing...

Right after we helped her get her garters on.

A much better picture of me...

All of the girls...

My Daddy... first time ever wearing a Tux.

All of the girls in the limo.

My parents in the limo.

So there you have it... An update from the wedding. Sorry its taken me forever to get even a little bit up here. If you want to see the pro pics, you can go to the photographer's website here. Our Special Moment - Chris Cox You will have to sign up with your email address to be able to see them, but don't worry, you won't get any spam emails. Look for the 3 events that say "StephanieNBrad".

Well, that's it for now... I have to go clean up my house!

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  1. Crystal you look FANTASTIC! I love the dresses she had you guys wear. Probably the most gorgeous BM dresses I've ever seen. For real. Love the color. Glad it was a fabulous day for all!


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