Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm such a baby!

I hate being sick! Whenever I get sick, I turn into a whiny baby. Right now, my throat is hurting so bad. It literally feels like its going to close up. You know its bad, when I don't even feel like smoking.

I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow for a check up, so its almost perfect timing to get sick.

Just keep your fingers crossed that I don't have mono... my sister and my cousin have both had it this year, and its one of the last things I need right now!

I promise I'll get caught up one day on this blog. I know I still have to write an update about the wedding and all that fun stuff. Maybe one day I'll quit being a slacker!



  1. Feel better soon, my friend. That crud is definitely going around this time of year. Hopefully the doc can put you on some fabulous meds.

  2. I really hope you feel better soon.


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