Friday, July 18, 2008

I won!

I hardly ever win anything... but I did this time :) I won an Mp3 player from Its a contest that is sponsored by Marlboro. I got a little thing in a pack of cigarettes and decided to try it out. You basically enter the drawing everyday and they will send you a text if you win anything. Well a few weeks ago, I got a text that I had won an Mp3 player! I've been wanting one for a while, but the funds have not been in the budget. I mean this is no Ipod or anything, but hey, it was free!

So... meet my new Sansa Clip... its so tiny, but I already love it :)
This picture is from the Internet... but I resized it so that it is actual size. (Yes, I'm a dork)

I have been downloading music like crazy tonight. My taste in music is so random, and I found that to be even more true tonight. I am still thinking of things to download. Here is a list of artist that I already have songs from, just so you can see how random they are. Of course, the majority of these are country... but a few of them might surprise you.

3 Doors Down -- Abba -- Alabama
Big & Rich -- Billy Currington -- Blake Shelton
Brooks & Dunn -- Camp Rock -- Carrie Underwood
Casting Crowns -- Chris Daughtry -- Clay Walker
Dixie Chicks -- Eric Church -- Fergie
Finger Eleven -- Flo Rida -- Green Day
Gretchen Wilson -- Gym Class Heroes -- High School Musical
Hinder -- Jake Owen -- Jason Aldean
Johnny Cash -- Jonas Brothers -- Jodee Messina
Josh Turner --Keith Urban -- Kellie Pickler
Kelly Clarkson -- Kid Rock -- Linkin Park
Lonestar -- Lynyrd Skynyrd --Martina McBride
Miley Cyrus -- Miranda Lambert -- Plain White Ts
Queen --Rascal Flatts -- Reba McIntyre
The Cast of RENT -- Rhianna -- Rodney Atkins
Sara Evans -- Sarah Buxton -- Sarah McLaughlin
Simple Plan -- Sugarland -- Taylor Swift
The Wreckers -- Terri Clark --Tim McGraw
Trace Adkins -- Twisted Sister

That's just the beginning! I have a whole Gigabyte of space to use... I know that's not a lot, when most Mp3 players can hold 4 times that much, but it has taken me this long to jump on the music player bandwagon, lol.

And the cool thing is that you can also play FM radio on it, so I can listen to my favorite radio stations too!

So now I will jam out to my new Mp3 player... and I won't have to rely on my mental one :)


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