Thursday, July 3, 2008

I suppose its time for an update...

I am really trying to be better about this blogging thing... but I think of something to write, then I'm not really in the writing mood... or when I get in the writing mood, I can't think of anything to write... Let's just say that I don't have a future career in writing :) lol Anyway, here are some updates... there aren't many, as life is generally boring right not.

  • Tupperware - I kicked butt with Tupperware last month! It was officially my 2nd sales month with the company, and I did over $1200 in sales. I was really excited about this, because once you reach the 1200 mark, you bump up to the next level in commission, so I will be getting a bonus check from Tupperware here shortly. I am completing all sorts of challenges, and winning all sorts of cool stuff. So far, its been a lot of fun :) I am just hoping that soon I will have a date book full of future parties

  • Job - So, I've been looking for a new job. Not because I don't love subbing, but because I need something that is more stable, and with benefits. I can't afford to pay for health insurance, unless its through work, because 1 its outrageous enough for healthy people, but 2, they consider my thyroid a "pre-existing" condition, so my rates skyrocket! The job search started again. Its hard enough to find a job in this town! Well, I got offered a position at ECU working with Aramark, who does all of their food services. Things are looking good with that, I'm just waiting for paperwork to finish processing. Then after I got offered that job, I got called for another interview at a Powersports (boats, ATVs, etc) here in town. I was one of 5 people that they wanted to interview. So, I said, what the hay, I'll just go to the interview to see what happens. It seemed like they wanted to hire someone quickly, but I haven't heard anything. Granted, the owner was busy with a customer, so I didn't really have a "formal" interview. I may like this thing at ECU better anyway, so we shall see. All of the paperwork was finally sent in today, so maybe the ball will be rolling sooner than later.

  • I got my clothes that I ordered, but honestly, I haven't even taken all of them out of the box. I need to do that soon. But everything looked cute :)

  • Last weekend, well 2 weekends ago now, Rick and I went to Greensboro to watch a soccer match at UNC-G and so that I could go to Hobby Lobby. Oh the money I could spend in that place! I got some flowers on a good deal for my sister's bridal shower. So, I was happy about that, because, you know me... gotta have a certain type of everything, and that flower was so expensive everywhere else :) There were so many places to shop in the Greensboro/Burlington area. I could so feed my addiction there. I got some super hott shoes that I think are going to look fabulous with that black dress and I also got shoes to wear in the wedding... both for under $20 a pair at Burlington coat factory. I really want to go back to Greensboro soon. If I ever leave this place, it is high on my list of cities that I'd like to live.

  • Where did June go? Can you believe that its already July?? Geez... days seem to drag on and on, but then I look back and wow! time has gone by so fast!

  • I've become addicted to the Food Network recently... I watch it all of the time. You know its bad when you watch the same episodes of the same show over and over... thats too much of one network, lol.

  • I've kinda been bitten by the craft bug lately. I made another picture frame for my sister to give away for a birthday present... it turned out really cute. Only problem is that I have a pink and green spot on my carpet now where my clumsy ass knocked over the paint.... (Have I mentioned how much I despise my carpet anyway, and want laminate flooring??) Here, see some pics, lolThis is the first one that I made for Daniel and Abbie. Everything was hand painted, except for the crown. It says "My Prince did come, His name is... Daddy!" He loved it, and seemed very impressed by my skills... lol

    This is the one that I made for Stephanie to give away as a birthday present. It was for a girl that she works with's daughter. The cake on the top says "My 1st Birthday" It was done in pink and green because that is the color of the little girl's room. I think it turned out cute. Stephanie says that her co-worker loved it.

Well, I can't really think about anything else to write about right now. Maybe there will be some more "meaningful" posts later. Keep reading :)


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