Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Retail Therapy

Like most girls, a little shopping will always do me good. I don't have any money... but credit cards are nice :) My favoritest store Lane Bryant was having a sale, and I had a coupon for $30 off... so why not take advantage of it! Here are a few of my finds...

This dress is so cute. Every girl needs a black dress, and this is a cute, feminine twist. I love the ribbon details.

I love this pink dress. The top of it kind of resembles the bridesmaids dresses that we got for Stephanie's wedding. This is going to be a cute summertime dress. It looks comfortable, I can't wait to put it on.

I also got this cardigan that will work with a lot of things, but will be tres cute with that pink dress. I got it in white since they didn't have it in black in my size :( If I find one in the store in black, I will probably pick it up, because you can never have too many solid color cardigans, especially when you hate your fat arms!

I also ordered this cute top. I think the stripes are going to be a little more subtle since they are Ticking Stripes. The grosgrain ribbon belt is adorable too. This will be great with black or white on the bottom, whether its a skirt or pants.

This is a cable knit V-neck sweater, but what I like about it is that its short sleeve. It will be perfect for when it gets cooler and not cold. I have one thats like this in long sleeve and love it. It has cute little pockets on the front that are handy for when I'm wearing pants that don't have pockets in them, or a skirt.

I also got bras and panties, but pictures of those would be kinda weird I think. :) They were having a buy 2 get 2 free sale on their bras and a 5 for $25 on their panties. Its hard to find cute ones being fat, so gotta grab them when they are on sale :)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Cake...

I forgot to post this here... since the diaper cake that I made was such a hit, I decided to make another "cake" with a twist. I had seen these done at a craft show and thought "thats easy enough!" So here it is...

A Towel Cake... for a wedding shower

I made this for Vivian and Jonathan's shower. Their wedding was back in May in Powder Springs, GA. We made the trip down there for the wedding, but they had a shower/reception back here for the people that couldn't make it to the wedding.

The cake is made out of towels, hand towels and wash clothes. I decorated it with ribbon in their wedding colors and added some flowers to make it pretty. The "stuff" that was in the cake was all kitchen stuff. Measuring cups/spoons, spoons, wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks.

They seemed to like it, and everyone thought it was cute. I love doing stuff like this.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

so there's this guy...

...and he has kind of been consuming my thoughts lately. I've known him for a while now, and over time, we have become pretty good friends. We have a lot in common and can talk for hours and not run out of things to talk about.

I'm starting to think that there could be more to my feelings for him... but I don't know. I keep remembering what it was like in middle school when a guy found out that you had a crush on him... and it scares the daylights out of me. I've never really been in this position before either.

With both of the exes it was just like "let's date" we didn't really know each other before hand, nor did we take the time to go through that "talking" phase.

Its been hard to get this guy out of my head for the past few days. Every time I'm with him, I have a good time... and those times are few and far between now a days. When he leaves, I find myself thinking "any girl would be lucky to have him"

I doubt that he has any idea who he is... maybe he does, who knows...

what to do, what to do?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Strong Front

Ever put up a really strong front so that everyone thinks that you are doing ok? When in reality, you are falling apart on the inside? Thats me.. now... for the past year and a half.

Look at your calendar... Saturday is June 7. The day that I was supposed to get married. So the wedding was supposed to be this weekend. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. Probably nothing. Cause there is no one to do anything with. Everyone else already has plans. How much is it to ask for people to do something with me every once in a while? I HATE being this way.

For the last year and a half, no one, not one person, has just let me cry it out. They always say "You are better off with out him" or "You will get married one day" or "Better to find out before you got married" I KNOW ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE. But it still doesn't change that fact that I am hurting. That I am alone. That I have been pretending to be strong for 18 months. Every time that I was upset about it, people would be ready with one of those responses, as if that somehow magically would make things better. Well guess what... it hasn't.

I see a lot of tears coming up this weekend.


Monday, June 2, 2008

I laughed, I bawled, It was great!

So last night I did something that I haven't done since February. I went to a movie... in the theater! What did I see? SEX AND THE CITY! It was fabulous!!

If you loved the show, you will love the movie. As I sat there with tears streaming down my face, I'd laugh. Only a great movie can do that to you. I think that the reason so many women love this show is that it is that you can totally relate to the women and their lives. Its highly likely that a woman would see some of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda in their lives. I think that I am a combination of all 4.

I don't want to give away spoilers if you haven't seen it, but it was GREAT!! :)
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